Leg cramps are very common problem faced by many people. It’s more seen in working people while doing physical activity. Some people experience it while doing exercise. Some people experience it in resting condition also. Some people experience it while having fever, vomiting etc. Sometimes it is seen in night sometimes it’s seen in day. Some people experience it occasionally where as some experience it very frequently.

Our body is full of several salts. They help in muscle contraction, relaxation, nerve conduction etc. While exertion we loose much amount of salt as sweating. At the time of loose motion and vomiting the salts are lost. Some people have some problem in the salt conduction channels. Those people will have cramps in high frequency. Very dangerous disease like Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis starts with cramps. In lay man term the muscles of leg, which have to bear the weight of the person is tired. It needs some rest and some salts to be active.

Cramp disease is very common in day to day life. Most of the people experience it occasionally. Some rest, stretching of leg and drinking ORS Powder will relieve the pain. But if having recurrent cramp or cramp in rest or cramp in sleep or cramps in children then it’s time to visit a true neurologist (DM Neurology). Some blood investigation for salt levels and some electrophysiological tests must be done. A screening of possibility of dangerous diseases are to be done. Many nerve disease and muscle diseases start with cramps. In children cramps are not so common. If a child is having cramps he must be evaluated.

There are different treatment for different causes of cramps. If occasionally occurs then take rest do some stretching drink much of fluid and ORS. But if it’s recurrent and occurs in rest and very painful then do visit the neurologist for better future.





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