Everyday we come across numbers of people who are victims of excessive stress. It hunts them from inside. But we can easily control our stress level by simple steps. And they are not so costly.

Positive thinking

Positive attitude wears away negativities. Many researches show that positive thinking that usually comes with optimism is a key part of effective stress management. And effective stress management is associated with many health benefits. It doesn’t mean we will close eyes to problems in life. But it means we will see life in a new vision. It reduces negative self talk.

Examples of negative self talk and positive approach

Good Sleep

Sleep is natural relaxant of brain. Good Sleep leads to better relaxation of brain. Many people decrease sleep time in work stress and land into increased stress. It’s a vicious cycle. A good sleep decreases the stress burden effectively. For better sleep a good sleep hygiene must be maintained.

Physical exercise

Regular physical exercise helps in stress reduction. It increases circulation. It releases endorphins in brain which further makes us feel good and happy. Several researches state decrease in stress quotient after regular exercise. Even regular outdoor exercise 15 minutes a day can have marked decrease in stress.

Goal oriented work

If we fix realistic goal and start work, then it will decrease unnecessary stress. We should follow the smart steps for goal orientation. It will definitely decrease the excessive stress.


Our hobbies take ourselves out from our daily routine to something we love and cherish. It decreases our negativity to something productive and beautiful. Many people sacrifice their hobbies for their work. Doing something you love gives you freedom and confidence.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing exercises help in decreasing stress. It can help in acute stress management too. Focus on your breath and allow stress to go out from your body. Pranayam can also help.


Several meditations help in combating stress. The transcendental meditation (TM) helps in reduction of stress adequately. Practicing TM everyday can reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a very easy and less time consuming method, which can be practiced in home, office anywhere.

Effect of TM on anxiety according to a research in Stanford University


Music is closely associated with emotions, memory. It brings soothing effects on our thoughts. Slow relaxing music decreases stress effectively.

Good diet

Our foods also help in fighting stress. Many natural fruits act as stress busters. Whereas excess caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar increase stress. Banana, orange, nuts, milk, leafy greens etc help in reduction of stress. Take as much water you can. It has fantastic effect.

Family friends and society

Close people, family, friends, groups help in sharing all our problems. They help us in fighting with negativity. So always talk to them. Never accumulate the negativity. Let it come out. You will feel much relaxed.

Wish you all a very happy new year 2020.

Let’s step into the new year with all positivity. Throw away excessive stress and protect your brain……

It’s the first Sunday mirror of 2020. Let’s start it with positivity and optimism. Please help the awareness reach everyone. Please show all the support you have given to this weekly awareness page in last year, in this year too.

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