Sleep is so much essential for us. It’s a blessing for human brain. But sometimes we struggle hard for a better sleep. It affects us in so many ways. Sometimes it has lethal negative effect on our brain and body. But if you follow some easy steps you can have a better sleep.

Age wise we have different sleep requirements. Children and infants need more sleep in comparison to adults. So how much sleep is enough? Let’s see the how much sleep is enough for you.

Sleep onset time

Now the great query is how to get good sleep. And believe me it is not so hard. You have to stick to some basic points.

Sleep diary

A sleep schedule is a diary in which you will write details of your sleep. The time you went to bed. The time you got up. Total duration etc. That is a much needed document. That helps you to know the activities of your biological clock. It will help your brain adjust. And you will feel sleepy exact time everyday. Consistent sleep schedule brings good outcome. Even parents can monitor the sleep of children and infants by keeping a sleep diary.


Physical exercise daily for a better sleep. But exercise just before going to sleep is not beneficial. Exercise helps both directly and indirectly. It reduces stress as well.


Several meditations are there for better sleep induction. It helps in relaxation. An easy mindful breathing meditation can help immensely. Just follow the breathing of air. Invite your attention to your breath. Notice how each breath moves in and out of your body quite effortlessly. You don’t need to change your natural breathing rhythm – just notice it. It will stabilize your wondering mind and will help sleep.

Sleep environment

A dark quiet room with comfortable bed is needed. Better sleep environment gives better sleep.


Fatty and high protein diet at night is bad for sleep. That’s why we should eat like a beggar at night. High fibre diet gives better sleep.


Alcohol and caffeine have bad effect on sleep. Decrease the caffeine intake. Don’t take caffeine within 6 hours before going to bed. It increases sleep latency. Disrupts sleep cycle and cause multiple awakening.

Music and Reading

Soothing music helps in better sleep. It relaxes our body and mind. Bedtime rituals like listening to music, listening to stories helps better sleep in children. Similar rituals of story, music, reading can help in adults too.

Away from gadgets

Addiction to gadgets decrease sleep time. Along with it the blue lights from smartphones decrease the sleep hormone causing decrease sleep.

Avoid day time sleep

Day time sleep changes the sleep cycle to biphasic. It decreases night sleep. So stop long day time sleeps. But small power naps help usually.

Better sleep makes a better day… So leave all stress and worries. Don’t think much about your Sleep. The more you worry the more distant it will go from you. Give sleep utmost priority. Sleep will definitely take care of you……


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