Happy international epilepsy day….2020

Every February second Monday is international epilepsy day. Epilepsy is one of the commonest disease, which can be found from childhood to old. In whole world 50 million people are suffering from epilepsy. But it’s so sad that many patients don’t get true treatment. Many people think it’s the curse of some god. Some think, they have gone mad. But if treatment is done adequately most of them will recover. So it’s responsibility of all of us to be aware of epilepsy. Do you believe that 80% of them live in developing countries like us and 75% of them don’t get adequate treatment. We failed miserably in treating epilepsy, and lost so many lives.

The main problem is how to know, if someone is having seizures? It’s too much easy. Any common man is able to recognize it. Seizure doesn’t mean only having unconsciousness or tongue bite or tonic convulsions. Any sudden abnormal behavior may be the sign of seizure. It may be twitches of face, staring and fall of objects, suddenly eyes are rolling upwards, stops all work and as if becomes absent minded for seconds, shaking, sudden fall etc. There are many types of seizures.

After recognition of seizure what to do???!!!!!!

What to do!!!

Be calm and don’t panic.

Clear the place and make the patient sleep in his/her lateral side.

Block every hazards.

See the time period of the episode.

Those who will accompany the patient to hospital to doctors, should try to take a video, so that the doctor will identify the type of seizure.

Explain to others, and reassure them.

– Comfort the patient after the episode is over.

What not to do!!!!!!!

Most of the people do what not to do.

I have seen many children dying due to water entering to their lungs which people give to them during the episodes of seizure. So never try to do that.

Don’t hold them or restrain by pressing them.

Don’t give anything in mouth. It will cause more harm.

Don’t run to magicians, Babas, tantriks etc. Go to nearest hospital instead.

Never ever hide it. It’s not a shame. It’s just like other diseases. Visit neurologist at the earliest and try to show him/her the video for a correct diagnosis.

Never ever stop medications of epilepsy without consulting the doctor. These medicines are very essential and to be taken in adequate dose. Even one day discontinuation can harm the patient.

Everyone must be aware of the first aid of seizure and what not to do during the episodes. It will help many poor patients.

Besides this let’s take a pledge in this international epilepsy day to fight the stigma in epilepsy…..

It’s just like any other disease……

So let’s unite to support the purple…..

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