The mighty Covid-19 pandemic has terrorized every human consciousness across the globe. But we will overcome it definitely, as we have always defeated the pandemics which have threatened the humanity. We will discuss a different topic today. The most basic component of our body. It’s nothing other than WATER.

The life on earth started inside our vast oceans. Like every other animals water is one of the most widespread molecule of our human body. But do you know how important is water for brain?

Human body consists of many organic and inorganic molecules. But water is most prevalent one. The human newborn has maximum level of water concentration in his/her body in comparison to adults. Approximately 60-70% of our body is made up of water. It helps us in various ways.

Our brain is highly dependent on water. It has 80% of water. Mild decrease in water content of brain can have several defects in its function. In the contrary, sufficient water can help in smooth running of brain. From birth to death, irrespective of age and sex, everyone need water for better function of our neurons. The water need is much high in children. The newborn and infant gets water from milk (as till six month no other drinks are allowed except breast milk). Older infant, children, adults and old people depend on drinking water to keep themselves dehydrated. So let’s learn how water helps brain.

Age wise water content in body

why is water important for brain

Relieves stress

Water decreases our stress level. Cortisol is one of those stress hormones. When you don’t give your brain the fluids it needs, you’re putting stress on it, and it’s going to respond to that. So if you feel stressed take sufficient water. It will not decrease your loan problem or problems with your boss, but it will decrease your response to stress. Along with that the stress increases dehydration. Sufficient water also decreases stress headache. (1)

Drink water when stressed!!!

Uplifts mood

Mild dehydration has negative effects on mood and energy levels. There is a growing body of literature showing that fluid deprivation negatively impacts several mood areas of our brain. It helps in positive emotion. It wears away negative thoughts. (1).

Decreases fatigue

Lack of water can cause you to experience periods of fatigue and low energy. It is one of the commonest cause of tiredness. That’s why heavy workers and gym people are always advised to take sufficient water. It will give you new vigour and rejuvenate the mind. (2)

Gives you good sleep

When you’re not drinking enough water, you can become dehydrated. It will cause poor quality of sleep. It will increase leg cramps. A glass of water can protect from sleep woes. A very good research on American and Chinese population revealed less water is primary cause of less sleep. (3)

Drink one glass of water before you go bed

Improves attention and concentration

Dehydration decreases focus. It decreases power of concentration. Even mild dehydration can cause errors due to lack of attention and judgement. That’s why drink sufficient water for good concentration. The children need sufficient water for better learning. (4) (Link)

Improves school performance

Adequate provision of safe water, basic sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities and behavior change can reduce pupil absence and infectious disease. Increased drinking water quantity may also improve educational outcomes through the effect of hydration on attention, concentration, and short-term memory.  (5)

A study showed that students who took water bottle to examination centre were having better performance than who didn’t. It is due to reduction in level of anxiety and increase in concentration. (6) (Link)

Children need more water

Prevents neurological disease

Sufficient water intake keeps blood dilute preventing excess clotting. It prevents dangerous diseases in brain by regular blood flow.

So let’s keep our brain hydrated. The stress and anxiety due to Covid-19 might increase your water need. So let’s drink sufficient water and keep our brain active. Along with we should make our children drink enough water for good performance and concentration. In tropical countries due to high temperature sweating causes much water loss. That can be compensated by high amount of regular drinking water. In some diseases like renal failure and heart failure the amount of drinking water is restricted. They should consult their doctor to know amount of water to be taken.

Now it’s evident why water is very good for your brain. It prevents so many diseases of our nervous system. And it costs nothing . But how much water we should drink. It’s another topic of next Sunday mirror.

So let’s drink sufficient water in this summer. And obey the command of our brain!!!!

So take my challenge in these lockdown times…. Take two glass of more water from today..!!!

Please share…for awareness…

water for brain health
water for brain function
water for brain power


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