What is your dominant personality?? Can you answer it? Ok if you don’t know no problem. After reading this you can answer. It’s not a difficult task. You know yourself than any other person.

Personality defines us. All our works and our behaviour are influenced by our personality. Several Neurological and psychiatric diseases are also influenced by personality.

It begins to emerge around the age of 3. From early childhood the personality development starts. But it is not static. The environment and learning can change our Personality in childhood and teenage. It becomes consolidated in our late teens to early 20’s. Around age 30 or so it becomes relatively fixed.

According to Daniel Siegel personality is deeply rooted in the human mind. Maternal and paternal attachments are fundamental in creating the necessary foundation of personality development.

There are many types of personalities. But broadly it is differentiated into 4 types for easy understanding.

Types of personalities

Type A Personality

In true form they are the directors. They are aggressive, competitive and ambitious. They always think two or more things at a time. Most of them don’t need leisure time, and are obsessed with numbers and are impatient. Hard work and competitive attitude make them more successful. Hypertension and coronary heart disease along with stroke are primary diseases postulated to be common in these people.

Type B personality

They are socializers. These are supercool people. They have many social interests. They are much relaxed. Type B people usually love to enjoy themselves. Due to less sincerity in work they fall behind type A people. Addiction of alcohol and gambling are common in type B people. Musculoskeletal diseases are common in them.

Type C personality

They are the thinkers. They are very systematic in their work. Type C people are always cautious and sensitive. They don’t share own problems much and suppress feeling rather than sharing them. It leads to hopeless and helpless feeling. Chronic stress, high level of anxiety and several cancers are more common in type C people. Usually they have reduced immunity.

Type D personality

They are the supporters. They love to follow orders. These people are very cautious and task oriented. But they loose hope very early. Usually they become sad very soon and become depressed. They feel awkward in difficult situation. They give importance to unimportant things. They have high chance of suffering from high stress and anxiety, chronic pain and irritable bowel. Many of type D personality folks suffer from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Many people don’t fall in fixed personality. They have overlapping features of two personalities. But one personality dominates other. Learning, counseling, several environmental factors can impact personality.

So what is your personality!!! Now it’s not so difficult to answer, isn’t it!!!

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  1. Really very interesting topic , a lots to know about personality and related health issues. Really nice one.


    • Good observation….but reality differs a bit. Our Personality shapes our thoughts and approach to a situation. But with learning and counseling we can change our Personality….


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