Health doesn’t mean only physical health. A healthy person needs both physical and mental wellness. World health organization includes both mental and physical health in the definition of health.

Mental illnesse affect 19% of the adult population, 46% of teenagers and 13% of children each year. Less than half of those affected receive treatment, often because of the stigma attached to mental health. Today, we live in a virtual world. We have so many friends in social media but no friends to share our grief. Work stress, expectations have captured human brain worldwide.

Untreated, mental illness can contribute to higher medical expenses, poorer performance at school and work, fewer employment opportunities and increased risk of suicide. Along with, it increases dependence on alcohol and other drugs. Slowly the poor mental health influences physical health. Stroke, cardiovascular diseases are the outcome of poor mental health.

How do you know, if you are having mental health issues

How to know you are having mental health issues? Mental diseases are just like any other physical disease. There is no shame in that. But it’s not difficult to self asses yourself. If the symptoms are there it’s better to consult a good psychiatric doctor. Don’t hide the problems. The issues are to be addressed early.

Some common features of mental illness

Ways to address your mental health woes

Talking about your feelings, to close people makes you relaxed. After all, we are social animals. We need society and friends to share our problems.

Exercise is a boon for our brain and mind. It helps in secretion of happy hormones. So keep yourself active.

Good food and sensible drinking is good for mental health.

If any problem is observed it’s better to visit psychiatric doctors and seek professional help.

Break and relaxation are always necessary. Stressful schedule and work pressure need to be addressed by taking break.

Everyone is made special by God. Everyone is a super hero. You must be good at something. Find your strength. Keep it as hobby. Spend some time in it.

We are a society. We can’t live without others. Caring others is a bliss.

So in this mental health day let’s break the stigma. Mental health issues are just like other physical health issue.

So let’s break the stigma.

Let’s read and share


Breslin G, Shannon S, Haughey T, Donnelly P, Leavey G. A systematic review of interventions to increase awareness of mental health and well-being in athletes, coaches and officials. Systematic reviews. 2017 Dec 1;6(1):177.


  1. […] The lifespan of people with severe mental illness (SMI) is shorter compared to the general population. This excess mortality is mainly due to physical illness. Several issues like stroke, coronary arterial diseases, headaches, sleep problems etc are seen due to excessive stress and anxiety.  (What happens if we don’t give importance to mental health) […]


  2. Very nicely and simply described about one of the vital parts of total health. Generally this part of health is ignored by many as non-issue. Well attempt by you for people’s awarness. Keep it up.


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