Spine is one of the most important structure of our body. It protects our delicate spinal cord from external injury. We depend upon our spinal cord for every activity.Millions of people are affected by back pain every day. The pain is very disabling and causes significant problem in personal and professional life.

In fact, low back pain is the leading cause of disability in service, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). So we must take a good care of our spine.

Spine health depends upon proper body mechanics and activity. Many of the steps you can take to improve the overall health of your spine involve nothing more than practicing how you move and hold yourself, when you do daily tasks and activities.

How to take good care of your spine: 5 simple steps

Step-1: Lift objects in right way

It’s one of the commonest cause of back pain. The spinal cord alignment is very specific. Abnormal posturing and twisting adds unnecessary strain to the cord. According to NINDS: Stand as close to the object as you can, and use your legs and knees rather than your back or upper body to pull up the item. It will help if you bend your knees so your arms are at the same height as the item.

Step-2: Sleep properly

Sleep on your side, not your stomach: Sleeping on your stomach puts too much pressure on your spine. Don’t use very soft cushion. Thick pillow increases neck pain.

Step-3: Do stretching and stay active

According to NINDS. “Whether you make regular visits to the gym, walk, bike, swim, or play with your kids, staying active and keeping your body moving helps maintain a healthy spine. Do stretching for a better spine. Sit always in proper posture.

Step-4: Stay hydrated

The inter-vetebral disc is made of water. So drink sufficient water and keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration causes herniated disc. It causes compression on the spinal cord leading to radiating pain.

Step-5: Maintain healthy weight

Heavy weight adds excessive stress on our skeletal system. So decrease your weight. Being overweight or obese, or quickly gaining a significant amount of weight, are risk factors for low back pain — excess weight, especially if you have belly fat, can put added stress on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your lower back.

Keep correct posture and take care of your spine. Use these simple steps. And it’s not difficult.

Diet for better spine health

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  1. Dr. Mishra. God may bless you and continue your such endeavor to aware people. It is very very useful for humankind.

    Definetly blessings will be showered on you.


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