November is always known for being the purple month. We observe it for awareness of EPILEPSY. It’s a common neurological condition seen in any age group. But unfortunately many people are not well aware of it. Many people think, it’s the bad spirit who came into the body, and starts doing magic charms. Many people think it’s due to a curse. Even today in Neurology OPD we see many parents don’t know about it. They delay the treatment and the patient suffers. There are many more myths about EPILEPSY.

What is EPILEPSY? Why does it occur? Our brain is full of neurons. Whatever we think, we do it all due to the neural activity. It’s just like electricity. One part of the brain is stimulated. It produces activity and it goes some other place by nerve conduction. Sometimes some nerves in the brain become hyperactive and fire rapidly and they cause seizures. Many diseases, infection, tumor, and injury cause it. But sometimes it starts without any apparent provocation. Then we use the term EPILEPSY. Practically it means, some part of the brain becomes hyperactive without any provocation.

Now it’s divided into two types. Either it will occur in one foci of the brain. We call it focal or partial. When it involves the whole brain. Then we call it generalized.

It occurs at any age but children face it more commonly. In many families it occur. The seizures are very dangerous for health. They can continue for prolonged period. Always a seizure is an emergency. It can cause many complications like aspiration, respiratory paralysis, injury even prolonged seizures cause sudden death.. So we all must know what to do and what not to, if someone is having a seizure. Every person must be aware of EPILEPSY. The school teachers must know about it. Parents, family members must be well educated about do’s and don’t at the time of seizures.

EPILEPSY is a common disease. It’s not a stigma. It responds well to medications. Appropriate medication for the appropriate type of EPILEPSY can cure it. If anyone is having a seizure, please visit the neurologist and maintain a diary about time, type of seizure. What new things you saw at the time of seizure. Everything has importance for diagnosis. Never ever give water inside their mouth. And please make everyone aware about EPILEPSY. Let’s fight the stigma.

EPILEPSY steals everything from the diseased. Let’s pledge to support them. Let’s make everyone aware.




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