We are growing old day by day. One of the major problem in old age is loss of memory. It’s quite common. Many people think it’s natural. But the problem increases day by day. Slowly the behaviour changes and personality changes. In neuroscience we call it DEMENTIA.

But only age is not a factor. Many people suffer from Dementia in early age too. Some people suffer from Alzheimer’s. Luckily new research in 2020 says we can prevent it by doing some changes to lifestyle. Little awareness can protect 40% people from memory loss.

The Lancet study on dementia

Less Education

Those who use brain more are less likely to fall in the trap of memory loss early. That’s why teachers and doctors suffer less. So education prevents early memory loss.

Hypertension and Diabetes

Hypertension and Diabetes are primary enemy of our brain. Uncontrolled hypertension causes several damages to the brain. Regular check your blood pressure and sugar levels to prevent memory losses.

Alcohol & smoking

Excessive alcohol use is a risk factor. So limit the alcoholic drinks. Smokers are at higher risk of dementia than non-smokers,and at a higher risk of premature death before the age at which they might have developed dementia

Obesity & physical inactivity

Physical activity increases blood circulation to brain. It cleanses the toxic products which causes memory loss. In contrast high fat content and obesity increases the memory attrition. So do exercise minimum 30 minutes every day.

Sleep deprivation

Mechanisms by which sleep might affect dementia remain unclear, but sleep disturbance has been linked with β-amyloid deposition which causes Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep helps in formation of permanent memory. So sleep well to keep memory intact. Regular good sleep of 7-8 hours increases your brain function and memory.


Air pollution and particulate pollutants are associated with poor health outcomes, including those related to non-communicable diseases. Attention has turned to their potential effect on the brain. Animal models suggest airborne particulate pollutants accelerate neurodegenerative processes leading to Dementia.

Depression and social isolation

Depression is associated with dementia incidence, with a variety of possible psychological or physiological mechanisms.Social contact, now an accepted protective factor, enhances cognitive reserve or encourages beneficial behaviours, although isolation might also occur as part of the dementia prodrome. Several studies suggest that less social contact increases the risk of dementia. Your friends family can protect your memory. So stay happy and enjoy company of friends.

Imagine a day when you forget everything. You are unable to recognise your family members, unable to find way to your home, unable to remember where you kept things. That will be very depressing and scary. So try to save your memory before it’s too late. Consult neurologist if someone is forgetting things too often. The sooner treatment is started the better we can prevent further memory loss.


Livingston G, Huntley J, Sommerlad A, Ames D, Ballard C, Banerjee S, Brayne C, Burns A, Cohen-Mansfield J, Cooper C, Costafreda SG. Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission. The Lancet. 2020 Jul 30.


  1. It is vry helpful to increase our memery power. Bt nw in dis period social isolation is mandatory. So we hav to follow it.


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