What we are today in the field of neuroscience is only due to hard work of our ancestors. Their legacy makes us stand where we are.

Jean-Martin Charcot

French neurologist

29 November 1825 – 16 August 1893

Also known as Napoleon of neuroses. He is best known today for his work on hypnosis and hysteria. He is also known as “the founder of modern neurology”. He was the “foremost neurologist of late nineteenth-century France”.

Notable contribution towards both Neurology and psychiatry. He was pioneer in the field of hypnotic therapy. He named and was the first to describe multiple sclerosis. He was also the first to describe a disorder known as charcot joint or Charcot arthropathy, a degeneration of joint surfaces. Charcot was among the first to describe charcot-marrie-tooth (CMT) disease, a form of hereditary neuropathy. He had developed primary understanding of Parkinson disease.

-Charcot’s neurologic triad is the combination of nystagmus, intention tremor, and scanning speech. This triad is associated with multiple sclerosis.

Charcot-marrie-tooth (CMT) disease: One of the commonest aetiology of hereditary neuropathy.

Charcot’s disease: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis the most-common subtype of MND.