We call it in many names. Stress headache, tension headache… For normal people it’s the headache caused by excessive strain on body. Our body is made to work in a human friendly environment. But recently we are facing huge change in lifestyle, environment. Expectations, aspiration, frustration give rise to enormous distress to our brain. Environmental factors like high temperature, huge population, sounds, lights they also add significantly to it. All these things stimulate the pain nerves of body. Excessive stress and work decrease the capacity of brain to tolerate the stress. Ultimately brain fails to cope up and surrenders causing continuous headache.

The numbers of stress headache is increasing day by day. And more young people are into it. The primary areas of this type of headache is forehead, around ear, backside of head, neck. It’s very irritating and frustrating headache.

It continues for hours mainly after days work more in the evening. Mild relief is obtained by pressing it.

Now the main question is how to avoid or get relief. It’s very simple. If you are ill then no amount of money, achievement matters. Our rishis said ‘sariram adyam khaludharma sadhanam’ means, health first. Don’t give so much stress, internal or external to brain. Don’t bring it to breakdown point. Relax between hard work. Take rest. Do exercise. Do yoga. Drink too much water. Keep brain hydrated. Maintain good posture. Sleep well. Don’t use mobile before going sleep. Late night awakening must be avoided.

In many cases people think that they have no stress, but neurologist is telling it’s stress headache. Why I am having but my colleague, who works more doesn’t have that. First thing is brain doesn’t work in that way. Adaptation to stress is inside matter of brain and different in different individuals. You might not be aware, but deep inside your skull, brain is suffering. If it doesn’t go away in holistic approach you need some treatment. Visit a true neurologist (DM Neurology). Many anti-stress medications are there. Get treated adequately for adequate duration by few drugs (please don’t ask medicine stores). Live headache free life…..




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