The epidemic has turned into a pandemic now. It has spread to almost all continents. Everyone preparing for minimum transmission. It feels the world is facing it’s worst nightmare. Just as the number of people and countries affected by this new virus have spread, so have conspiracy theories and unfounded claims about it. Already social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, have seen a number of false and misleading posts. And they are on increase day by day.

The Corona virus epidemic is causing increased stress. Reactions to the crisis can include feeling overwhelmed, fearful, sad, angry and helpless, according to experts. Some people may have difficulty sleeping or concentrating. The World Health Organization has acknowledged that the crisis has stressed many people, and has advised people to avoid watching, reading or listening to news that causes feelings of anxiety or distress. No doubt it is a virus of our respiratory system, but it’s fear has gripped every human mind.

Fear vs reality

Death rates: When we hear a death due to Corona virus, our amygdala (the fear centre of brain) is stimulated. But actually the death is more seen in old people with several other severe disease like cardiovascular, diabetes etc. Death incidence is maximum in more than 80 years age group with cardiovascular disease.

By comparison on a global scale, the Coronavirus outbreak has infected over 90,000 people as of early March, resulting in approximately 3500 deaths. So the mortality or chance of death is very less. If infected chance of survival in less than 60 years is around 99%.

If we compare with other infection the TB, hepatitis, malaria are still champions. Whereas the maximum death toll in corona was around 110 in a single day. The average is 56, far behind TB.

So the fear and anxiety of Corona is only fueled by the social media. So we must not believe everything we see in social media. And when we share, it spreads, making more people confused and afraid.

Every cold and cough is not Corona: People have started to think, every cold, sneeze, cough may be Corona. Don’t panic. Meet your doctor at earliest. Don’t hide if any travel history is there. There are some difference between Covid-19, cold, flu.

The 8 ‘S’ MANTRA

The 8 ‘S’ MANTRA can help in adequate prevention of the disease. It will limit transmission. Especially old people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes must try to take extra precautions.

• Soap & Water – Hand washing
• Social Distancing1 meter away from coughing and sneezing person
• Stop touching your face
• Self quarantine – if traveling abroad
• Self report – if symptoms suspected
• Suspend non-essential travel
• Spreading rumors are humanitarian crime stay away from it.
Smile, relax and do exercise and meditation

So please don’t panic. Remember 8 ‘S’ and beat the anxiety. Like every other epidemic, this will go away. Keep calm and take all precautions.

Say yes to precautions

Say no to anxiety

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