Taking birth is a stressful challenge for a baby. The environment inside the mother’s uterus and outside are complete different. It obliges the newborn to change its adaptation. Many organs inside it change its functional ability. It will not depend on maternal blood for surviving. Its heart, lungs will do function independently.

Moreover the time and process of birth is also difficult. Sometimes due to many maternal and chromosomal factors many baby posses growth retardation which makes them more prone to maladaptation after birth. Sometimes delay in delivery, prolonged labor, abnormal position of baby make more difficulty in adaptation of the difficult process. All these things make the struggle more difficult. As a consequence the baby faces difficulty to take first breath after birth. As a consequence it doesn’t cry immediately after birth. In medical language its called ‘birth asphyxia’.

It is one of the most dangerous disease a newborn baby faces. Its brain gets less oxygen causing damage which becomes permanent sometimes. This causes disastrous consequences in the future life. Sometimes its very severe causing seizures. It must be dealt with utmost emergency, by both doctors and parents.

If not treated appropriately it can cause irreversible damage to growing brain. If suspected the parents must visit nearest newborn care corner or district headquarter where sick newborn care units are there. Experienced doctors and nurses are stationed there for better care of these patients. In large scenario it is a preventable disease. Consultation of gynecologists must be done after conception with ultrasonography. Hospital delivery reduces the chance. If child develops symptoms of birth asphyxia it must be taken to those sick newborn care units. After stabilization and discharge they must be followed up for further problems by pediatricians and neurologists.

So spread the awareness and prevent the disastrous disease by regular care of pregnant women by gynecologists with good nutrition and emotional support followed by hospital delivery and if baby didn’t cry immediately then urgent transfer to new born corner to give it a better life.

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