IQ or intelligence quotient is a common term used by all of us. Many people use it as a measurement of intelligence. Talented people are considered as high IQ folks. For common men IQ is a myth. Some even claim lord Krishna was having highest IQ in the world. Some say swami Vivekananda had very high IQ so he could remember everything. Many myths roll across the world about IQ.


IQ is a percentage. It’s the ratio of your mental age to actual age multiplied by 100. On average a person should have equal mental and chronological age. So the IQ will be 100. But if the person is wittier, his mental age will be high. Then his/her IQ will be high also. In contrast if a person is having some issues with his intelligence, his/her intelligence will be lower in respect to his age. So it will be lower.

But luckily our intelligence and smartness depend upon our genetics as well as our learning and environment. We can increase specific function of our brain by doing repeated exercise for intelligence and cognition.

IQ is not a fixed entity. It can increase or decrease. Both children and adults can increase their IQ by repeated use of specific areas of brain. Contrary to that excessive stress, chronic disease, sleep problems can have detrimental effects on IQ.


Play chess

Chess is a very complex game involving several areas of our brain. It increases problem solving skills, attention and uses both part of brain. Several studies have revealed, those playing chess have higher IQ then people of same age not playing chess.

Exclusive breastfeeding

Exclusive breastfeeding in infancy till 6 months is a blessing for human beings. It increases IQ by 8% on average.

Regular exercise

Field exercise like sprinting increases blood circulation to brain. It later rejuvenate the cognitive domains.


Meditation is a very good intervention for better cognitive skills. Meditation as little as 20 minutes can lower stress levels and help in IQ enhancement. (link) (link)

Increase in IQ score in Meditation

Good sleep

Good sleep is much essential for better intelligence and memory. (link) (Link)

Learn a new language

Learning new language makes your brain grow both in size and function. Complex grammar and difficult pronunciation help our memory areas of brain.

Learn to play a musical instrument

Several researches have revealed that learning musical instruments increase IQ on average 7%. It can help increase IQ of both children and adults.

IQ assessment is done by psychologists. Several online tests and applications are available in android platform. But they are not reliable. It’s better to do analysis by experienced psychologists who have experience in IQ assessment.

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1.Schellenberg EG. Music lessons enhance IQ. Psychological science. 2004 Aug;15(8):511-4.

2.Barber N. Educational and ecological correlates of IQ: A cross-national investigation. Intelligence. 2005 May 1;33(3):273-84.


  1. Beautiful blog which is really to be known. I had so many doubts related to IQ but reading this blog cleared all my doubts. Nicely described specially which are the activities to enhance our IQ. 😊


  2. It’s amazing to read, nicely written I didn’t knew that learning new language also increases IQ. Thanks for sharing such a helpful post.


  3. It’s indeed imagine things I was not knew that instructional music play a vital role for brain development


  4. It’s indeed great things I was not knew that instructional music play a vital role for brain development.


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