Low back pain is a very common complaint in our day to day life. Heavy work, decrease in exercise, fatty foods, bad lifestyle, bad posture increase the problems. As age increase the pain increases. After some days we feel a lightning like pain. Sometimes we feel the sensation of foot decreased. Sometimes it feels as if there is some mud clinged to foot. Sometimes it’s very difficult to walk long. Many people feel pain while standing, walking.

Before awareness of low back pain you should have some knowledge of structures in back. Our spinal cord has many nerves which helps us walk, feel sensation of legs. They come out below the bones of our back. In low back pain patients those nerves get compressed. If some treatment is not done then the compression increases day by day with heavy work and they will compress significantly. Then the nerve dies slowly causing severe weakness in legs.

So never neglect low back pain. Contact neurologist (DM Neurology). If there is prolapse of disk or severe compression due to negligence, it will be very very difficult to even stand up. In that case neurologists refer to neurosurgeons. They will operate. Many people think MRI will decrease the pain. Before doing MRI contact neurologist, they will advice the area of spinal cord to be seen in MRI. Without knowing which area of spinal cord involvement it’s difficult to know how much compression is there. If surgery needed neurosurgeons need specific area of involvement. Sometimes people have compression in multiple places. First meet the neurologist and let him decide which MRI is needed. Sometimes such an expensive test is not necessary. Medication and some constraint in doing heavy work, sitting on floor, squatting in Indian latrine lifting heavy weights should be done. In acute pain, first medication then after pain decrease physiotherapy should be done. While pain is there physiotherapy must not be done.

It’s a treatable condition. But early treatment can help decrease severe pain and disability.

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