Headache in children is a common complaint in day to day life. It might be felt simple and not important one. But it should never be neglected. Childhood headache must be evaluated. It must be taken as primary concern. Different patients have different types of presentation. Cause of headache must be evaluated. The spectrum of cause is very wide. It lies from mild tension headache to Venous obstruction.

So it’s very much necessary if your child is complaining of headache to be examined by a true neurologist (DM Neurology). He must be evaluated in line of pediatric cephalgia with visual assessment, stress assessment. In children many eye problem start with headache. Many migraine patients start as headache at childhood. Many children have headache due to stress in studies and pressure from parents. Sometimes very dangerous diseases like Venous obstruction or increase pressure inside head start with headache. Many times childhood hypertension present as headache.

Always I see many parents think headache in there child is due to cold or acidity. Please keep your huge knowledge with you. Don’t play god, consult neurologist and take his advice. Treat the child. If that is due to stress induced then he needs special care. Decrease TV, Mobile time will prevent most of the headache in children. Early treatment will prevent severity in future.


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