Every day we come across complaining mothers, who always complain ‘child not memorizing well. He or she not performing well in school. His grades are not good. He is not listening to me. He is too much fickle. He is always watching cartoons….etc…..etc…etc

For better memory power we need better attention and concentration. Without good attention span memory formation is impossible. So a child with better attention and concentration memorize better. Years before, in 90s, there were far less distractions. But in today’s life, TV and mobile phones and gadgets have made our life too much dependant on that. That also occurs in Children. They are much more inquisitive than adults. That makes them more dependant on gadgets. Besides that less outdoor activities, nuclear family, study stress from early age etc, also make children inattentive. Besides that less attention from parents and decrease sleep increase the problems.

And finally less attention and concentration leads to poor memory……..

So if we want to make a child genius, we have to increase his attention span. That can make better memory. But it’s impossible to concentrate for prolong time. We can concentrate in single activity maximum for one hour. According to some neuroscientists it’s 45 minutes. We need break after that. Children also need similar things. Like milestones they have age wise concentration span.

Better concentration better memory

So how to increase the concentration span in children….. Very simple steps are there… Any parent can follow

Step-1: Exercise and healthy food

Outdoor activities are much more necessary in children for better cognitive development. It brings good skill and keeps child fit and healthy. It also makes him happy and positive. Outdoor games are integral part of routine. So never compromise the play time. Healthy breakfast is much necessary for good attention.

Step-2 : Less screen time and good sleep

Now a days mobile and TV are integral part of our life. Many educative items are there. They also help in better development of cognition in Children. But children must not be dependent on screen. World health organization has made guidelines for exercise, sleep and screen time.

Step-3: Positive parenting and joint attention

A child should never be exposed to negative parenting. They should always be encouraged and motivated to do good works. It will channel their thoughts to it. It will decrease distractions. Parents should do some work together with the children, like eating together or playing together. Remember they need attention.

Joint attention from parents

Step-4: Keep routines and encourage a passion

Passion makes us fly, isn’t it. Same in the children. Give them a passion, you will see, they will forget all distractions. They may become passionate for art, music, science, instrument and many more. Keep fixed routine and reward for obeying the routine.

Step-5: Keep a good environment for study

Even adults get distracted in studies. Children will be more distracted due to their curiosity. It will definitely help him concentrate. Good lighting and well ventilation are also necessary. Make a good study environment at home. A good study environment with minimal study environmental distractions helps in better concentration.

When to study
Where to study

Making a genius in your home is not difficult. Children need good attention for good memory. If you make them attentive the genius will definitely bloom. There are huge benefits of better concentration in children. Concentration activities and concentration booster environment help to bring the genius out.

There are some other steps. We will discuss it in another Sunday mirror

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Screen Time Guide for Parents


  1. I really appreciate for the innovative steps you are taking
    For developments on different aspects of our daily routine
    Like every Sunday, today again a very good learning for
    Me for developments of my children.


  2. These Sunday blogs are very useful. We are a first generation Indian immigrants in US, parenting 2 elementary school going kids. These are quite helpful and a good reality check points.
    Thanks ‘The Neuron’ and keep doing the good work.


  3. Very Good and valuable insites. Like to know more of it, kindly share in my mail id in periodical time gap like a subscription. Regds.


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