Diabetes is one of the worst enemies of our nervous system. Our senior citizens are much prone to diabetes. It can cause various damage to our brain, spinal cord and other nerves. Even prediabetes can damage our nerves significantly. Old people are much more prone to neuropathy than young people.

Diabetes causes stroke in the brain, destruction of the nerves of eye, destroys the nerves of legs and hands etc. It is the commonest cause of destruction of small nerves of hands and feet. Excess glucose attacks the nerve cells and damages it later the cells die.

How to know if the excessive glucose is destroying the nerves?If it destroys the nerves of the periphery then it will decrease the sensation of foot and hand. There will be burning sensation. Sometimes you will feel an increase in pain. Sometimes it will make your muscles weak. Sometimes there will be a foot ulcer which will not heal easily. Slowly it will progress. Then you will feel difficult to walk. It becomes more difficult in the dark. Even if prediabetes patients can suffer from nerve damage.

On a large scale the diabetic nerve damage is preventable. First is strict diabetes control. There are many medications for diabetes control. Consult your endocrinologist. Do regular exercise. Wear shocks. Take good care of your feet. Eat fresh water fish regularly. If burning pain or decrease sensation in feet or hand occurs visit Neurologist at earliest. There are medications to reverse nerve damage by glucose. But if extensive damage is done it will be difficult to reverse it.

Prevention of diabetic nerve damage is better than treatment. There are medications to defend nerves from excess glucose. Keep blood glucose under control. Protect your nerves.. and they will protect you.





  1. Four symptoms those appear which may be a cause of persistent hyperglycemia are.
    Everybody should go for blood sugar test if such symptoms appears.


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