Another year passed!! Sunday mirror is officially 5 years now.. Wishing all viewers of Sunday mirror, A Very Happy New Year 2023.

Every day we come across many people who complain of less sleep. Brain needs oiling too. After a days work sleep is the relaxation which helps brain relax and rejuvenate for the next day. Adequate sleep saves us from many critical problems. Recently neuroscientists have found that during sleep the brain fluid washes several important areas of brain. It’s just like putting oil to your motor cycle everyday after it runs long. It helps brain work everyday with new refreshment.

Red color is the increased brain fluid in sleep

But sleep deprivation is the major problem in today’s world. Increased stress, anxiety, overuse of gadgets, addiction, several psychiatric condition lead to decrease sleep. Decrease in sleep causes serious problem to brain. Within 24 hours we feel tiredness, lethargy. Within days we feel several problems in memory, concentration, motivation.

Memory defect

Sleep deprivation causes transient memory loss. The whole day we make many memories. But all memories are not needed. Sleep is a time in which the brain streamlines the connections it “needs.” So the memories which are made by learning is kept. Others are left. Sleep also takes away negative memory.

Defect in cognitive capacity

Sleep improves other domains of cognition too. Sleep deficiency decreases the multitasking behavior. Those who sleep better posses better creativity.

Increase stress

Sleep decreases stress, which causes other damages in brain. Sleep deprivation increases stress and vice versa.


Sleep deprivation changes mood. It causes a person aggressive, irritable. It also increases negative thought.

Emotional behavior

Multiple modes of emotional expression are diminished by insufficient sleep.


Sleep loss causes fatigue and lethargy. It decreases motivation to do any work.


Sleep deprivation increases several hormones which help us weight gain. It increases stress and fatigue causing decrease in outdoor activities leading to weight gain.

Weaken immunity

Sleep deprivation weakens immunity. It later causes several diseases.

Increases headache

Sleep deprivation increases migraine incidence. Along with it increases stress level leading to tension headache.

Several other chronic diseases

Sleep deprivation increases BP, increases risk of diabetes, increases risk of breast cancer, risk of stroke.

Symptoms of sleep deprivation

Another important thing about sleep. Sleep regulates itself. If you sleep less then there will be day time drowsiness. From that we can count the amount of sleep you are getting. Score how much sleep you are having. How many times you doze off? Then calculate your sleep score.

If the score is more than 10 you have to sleep more. You need more sleep.

How to get better sleep. It’s another article of Sunday mirror.





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